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Introduction. Public financial control plays a significant role in ensuring the functioning of the state and can simultaneously be qualified as a function of social management and legal regulation. For example, one of the main functions of public administration is the creation and maintenance of an effective financial system and, accordingly, an adequate system of financial control and, in particular, its segment, an audit of efficiency. Methods. Research methodology is based on theoretical insights into the problem and scientific instrumentation that contained the critical content-analysis of original financial statements of public financial control in Ukraine, comparative analysis of normative documents of Ukrainian legislative acts and their generalization. Methods of observation, comparison, analysis, generalization, analogy were used in the study. Results. The article presents an analysis of the main aspects and objectives of audit effectiveness aimed at developing a successful financial tactic and strategy for the efficient allocation and use of public funds. The main items of theoretical and practical issues are also highlighted, the necessary measures and strategies for development and increasing the effectiveness of audit results are determined. Discussion. The system of public financial control requires further research from the point of view of integrated study of theory, methodology and organization, elimination of incompleteness in the formation of the legal basis for the system of public financial control in general and, in particular, the functioning of such control segment as an audit efficiency. All this leads to further research on alternative directions, the definition and application of the necessary measures that would facilitate the resolution of problematic issues.


system of state financial control; performance audit; economy; performance; public funds

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